The engine components of your heavy-duty machinery, farm equipment, or vehicles are big, heavy, under enormous strain, and in constant need of advanced lubrication to prolong the work-life and cut unnecessary costs.
Heavy-duty & farming machinery are much diversified.

All of these unique pieces of equipment have different designs and encounter different operational conditions during their daily operations. As a fleet owner, it is of critical importance to increase the uptime of your machinery to maximize the return on investment of these heavily diversified machines, and lubricants can help you achieve this.

In this discussion, we will cover 3 very important oil properties for efficient engine lubrication of your heavy machinery.

Friction control
The quantity of fuel necessary to power a heavy-duty vehicle is high, therefore cutting down on fuel consumption is essential. A large amount of moving parts in the engine has the potential of causing a lot of friction, making efficient engine lubrication critical.
AS all of these moving components have the potential of causing a lot of friction when badly lubricated a low viscosity oil containing balanced friction-reducing additives allows all surfaces to slide with minimal friction.

Wear control
Worn-down engine components break more easily and operate less effectively than their wear-free counterparts. Engine oils contain extreme pressure and/or other anti-wear additives to keep all engine parts wear-free, but be careful! These additives can cause additional oxidation, so make sure to only use oils from an accredited lubricant blender with extensive know-how. I.E. Afriq Lube
Additives are a great way to reduce friction, but the right viscosity is also vital for complete wear control. Too runny lubricants can’t prevent the metal surfaces from wearing each other down while a too solid lubricant will increase fuel consumption and can’t reach the critical areas of lubrication in time after you start the engine.

Sludge and deposit control
Dirt, dust, and debris coming from inside and/or outside the engine are always looking for a place to settle and form deposits. A stream of oil carries these particulates until they encounter the right conditions to form a deposit.
Different types of particulates form deposits under different conditions, therefore a balanced engine oil containing detergents and dispersants will prevent deposits from forming and will actively remove existing deposits, directly increasing the lifespan of the engine, this will greatly aid in getting those extra hours out of each vehicle within your fleet and will increase return on investment.
Getting the most out of your investment
Afriq Lube has a wide range of oils specifically designed, engineered, and blended for all the major industries and applications.
Afriq Lube can assist you in your industry and/or field with any different, special, or very specific requirements as we have extensive experience, laboratories, and highly qualified people on hand.

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