Hydraulic 32; 46; 68; 100; 150 And 220

Hydraulic Oils - 32,46,68,100,150 & 220

These products are high quality anti-wear hydraulic oils. Our hydraulic oil is formulated for use in high pressure stationery and mobile hydraulic systems.

What are hydraulic oils and what is it used for?

The main purpose of hydraulic lubricants are to provide energy transmission through a system which enables optimum work and motion to be accomplished. Hydraulic oils are also responsible for lubrication, heat transfer and contamination control. Hydraulic oil (also known as hydraulic fluid) can be synthetic or mineral based. It is a non-compressible fluid which is used to transfer power within hydraulic machinery and equipment.

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Typical application areas for our anti-wear Hydraulic Oils

  • Wide range of industrial hydraulic equipment.
  • Hydraulics on construction and mobile equipment.
  • Hydraulic systems with gear, vane or piston pumps.
  • Industrial circulating systems.
  • Machine tools
  • Our hydraulic oils can be applied to enclosed gear systems.
  • Plastic injection mouldings.

Benefits of our Hydraulic Oils compared to other similar products:

  • Outstanding pump and equipment protection, even in very severe operating conditions.
  • Extends oil and equipment service life by avoiding problems such as servo valve sticking.
  • Prolongs oil change intervals.
  • Reduces yellow metal corrosion by controlling oil stability.
  • Prevents downtime by minimizing flow restrictions due to clogged filters and extends equipment life by reducing wear.
  • Suitable for many other industrial applications.

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