• Our  Xtreme Water Base Degreaser is kind to the environment while being tough on grease.
  • Buying our industrial oils means less maintenance and longer lifespan for your industrial machinery
  • Afriq Lube manufactures top quality Automotive Oils for the public and trade.
  • Our antifreeze is a premium performance, environmentally sensitive pre-diluted coolant.
  • We offer high performance oild and lubricants to the agricultural sector including agriculural and tractor oils.
  • We sell automotive oils in small scale 1L to 5L containers and large scale 25L to 410L containers

Radiator Coolant

Radiator coolant contains a balanced mixture of corrosive inhibitors in liquid form and are green in colour.

Super Longlife Premix

This antifreeze is a premium performance, environmentally sensitive pre-diluted coolant, anti-freeze and corrosion inhibitor  based on extended life organic acid Carboxylate Technology plus an additional nitrite corrosion inhibitor in ethylene glycol.

All Season And Antifreeze Concentrate

Afriq Antifreeze All season is a blend of M.E.G and a wide range of corrosion inhibitors for maximum protection mixed with 50 % of water. These antifreeze lubricants will lubricate the water pump, providing protection against extreme temperatures.

Become a Distributer

We have an established network of distributers and resellers throughout South Africa. We provide them with area exclusivity and guidance to grow their business. This results in a valued distributor relationship benefiting both the client and Afriq Lube.

Contact us here if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

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