Radiator Coolant

Radiator Coolant

Radiator coolant contains a balanced mixture of corrosive inhibitors in liquid form and are green in colour.

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Radiator coolant must be used as is.

Empty and flush the cooling system thoroughly before applying radiator coolant, to remove as much old rust as possible. If the system is exceptionally rusty it is advisable to repeat the procedure after the first week or two of treatment.

Radiator coolant is particularly effective in preventing corrosion in engine cooling systems.

Radiator coolant will protect:

  • ferrous metals;
  • copper and
  • copper alloys.

Radiator coolant will not affect rubber gaskets or hoses. It is effective in hot and cold water, and is fully compatible with glycol or water mixtures. Radiator coolant also contains an anti-rust agent to prevent deposition on hot surfaces and keep water-ways in radiators clear.


  • Protects metals in engine cooling systems from corrosive attack.
  • Extends engine life by ensuring efficient cooling.
  • Keep engine from heat-absorbing sludge’s and scales.
  • Does not affect rubber gaskets or hoses.


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