All Season Antifreeze Concentrate

All Season Antifreeze Concentrate

Afriq Antifreeze All season is a blend of M.E.G and a wide range of corrosion inhibitors for maximum protection mixed with 50 % of water. These antifreeze lubricants will lubricate the water pump, providing protection against extreme temperatures.

This antifreeze can be used in engine cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines, particularly those incorporating aluminium alloys up to – 36 ◦C.

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This antifreeze can be applied to:

  • Construction
  • Earthmoving, quarrying and mining
  • Agricultural and
  • automotive equipment


Afriq Antifreeze Concentrate 95 % is:

  • Silicate free type inhibitor system provides exceptional protection.
  • Protects all engines, cooling systems and metals such as:
    • iron;
    • steel;
    • aluminium;
    • copper and
    • solder alloys against corrosion.


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