Engine Cleaner Solvent Base And Water Base

Afriq Lube's engine cleaner is a homogeneous emulsifiable general purpose low flash degreaser. The water base engine cleaner is a homogeneous water based degreaser.

Xtreme Water Base Degreaser

Xtreme Water Base Degreaser

Xtreme Water Base Degreaser is a homogeneous water based degreaser used for degreasing painted and unpainted surfaces of mechanical and automotive components soiled with dirty oil and grease.

Electrical Cleaner Type 1

This electrical cleaner is a solvent blend. This electrical cleaner has a minimum flash point of 100 ◦C and complies with the requirements of SABS 1365 Type 1.

Dragline Cleaner

Afriq Lube's Dragline Cleaner is a homogenous degreaser made up of a blend of selected solvents and emulsifiers.


Afriq Lube's Citroscrub is a waterless hand cleaner designed for use on oils, grease and general grime resistant to soaps, or in areas where water for washing hands is not readily available. This hand cleaner contains Polypropylene beads for heavy duty hand cleaning.

Battery Acid

Battery Acid is a colourless solution used for filling or topping up vehicle batteries. Battery Acid is a strong oxidant which reacts with many organic compounds.

Electrical Cleaner Type 6

This electrical cleaner contains essentially pure trichloroethylene (CC ½ =CHC 1). This electrical cleaner is a non-flammable and non-corrosive solvent with a sweet odour.

Electrical Cleaner Type 3

This electrical cleaner conforms to SABS specification 1365 Type 3. Electrical cleaner is a clear colourless fluid designed to evaporate at a predetermined rate.

Battery Water

Always use approved battery water. The electrolyte level in the battery is very important. If it is too high it may cause overflowing of battery water. This is due to increases in temperature and collection of gas bubbles on the plates during charging.

Hand Cleaner

Gel Hand Cleaner

This is a homogeneous hand cleaner in gel form. Afriq Lube's hand cleaner is easily spread on the hands to remove oil, grease, wet paint, and grime.

Zoom Zoom Boom Rust Remover available from Afriqlube

Zoom Zoom Boom Rust Remover

The new Zoom Zoom Boom rust remover is a revolutionary new product that removes rust in a safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly manner. This product is an award winning rust remover for the 21st Century. Based on extensive research and years of development, this product has been proven effective to remove even deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron.

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