Dragline Cleaner

Afriq Lube's Dragline Cleaner is a homogenous degreaser made up of a blend of selected solvents and emulsifiers.

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This degreaser is water rinsible formulated to remove the most stubborn dirt, soiled grease and contaminated heavy oils from equipment, machinery and engines. This degreaser is specially recommended for heavy duty degreasing, such as draglines, winches, etc. found in the mining industry. In addition, this degreaser can be used in fire and explosion risk areas due to its high flash point.

This degreaser is not recommended for use in:

  • electrical equipment;
  • delicate machine parts or
  • rolling element bearings.


This degreaser has a slight odour and is applied neat by:

  • dipping;
  • spraying or swabbing;
  • allowed to soak into the grime or agitated and then washed off with water.

The length of soaking time depends on the depth to be penetrated. Normal safety requirements such as barrier cream, safety goggles, etc., should be used if there is prolonged use of the product.

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