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Mining Solvent 2325

This hydrocarbon solvent is a wide cut mixture of paraffin’s, cycloparaffins and aromatics that boils in between 220 ◦C and 250 ◦C.  As a consequence of its increased boiling range level this hydrocarbon solvent can be considered as a high flash, slow evaporating type of hydrocarbon solvent.

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Afriq Lube's hydrocarbon solvent primary usage is as a solvent in metallurgical applications such as the liquid or liquid extraction of Copper, Uranium and other precious metals. Hydrocarbon solvent is also used as a fuel in the manufacture of explosives for the mining industry and in printing inks. Hydrocarbon solvent exceeds the Chamber of Mines flash point requirements for solvents, used underground.

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We have an established network of distributors throughout South Africa. We provide them with area exclusivity and guidance to grow their business. This results in a valued distributor relationship benefiting both the client and Afriq Lube.

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