Thread Cutting Oil 4032 And Neat Cutting Oil Furara 4032

Our Neat- and Thread Cutting oil are high performance cutting oil manufactured from carefully selected neutral mineral oil and a high tech combination of synergistic EP additives and other selected additives. These cutting oil are not suitable for non-ferrous metals. The differences of Neat- and Thread Cutting oil are in viscosity only.

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Thread Cutting oil and Neat cutting oil are:

  • chlorine free;
  • produce nearly no oil fog (mist) and
  • have no bad smelling odour.

These mineral oil make it easily possible to keep to:

  • tolerances,
  • extend the tool life and
  • give top quality metal surface finish.

They have:

  • low disposal cost (because they are chlorine free) and
  • multi-purpose usage.


These mineral oil are used for the machining of:

  • low and high alloy steels;
  • tough steel alloys;
  • cast steel and
  • cast iron.

These mineral oil are suitable for:

  • all milling;
  • turning and
  • thread cutting or drilling application.

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