Afriq Copper Thread Grease

Afriq Copper Thread Grease

Product Overview

Afriq Copper Thread Grease is a lead free anti-seize compound made from high quality mineral oils, non-soap thickener incorporating copper powder and solid lubricants.

Open Gear & Wire Rope Dressing

Open Gear & Wire Rope Dressing

Product Overview

Afriq Open Gear and Wire Rope Dressing is primarily designed for use in very heavy applications, and operations under severe conditions, in mining equipment, shovels, drag lines and excavators in open cut operations.

5th Wheel Grease

5th Wheel Grease with Tackyfier is manufactured using a high percentage of tackyfier and with lubricating solids such as the combination of graphite or moly.

Red Rubber Grease

Red Rubber grease is a soft red special grease for very specific applications. It cannot be used in normal grease applications. The base oil is thickened Bentonite soap.

Anti-Leak Lube O

This special grease is primarily produced from a careful selection of hydrophobic and hydrophilic thickener material for use in winch and loader gearbox lubrication and has excellent thixotropic characteristics to ensure optimum lubrication at all shear rates.

Rock Drill Grease 390

This rock drill grease is effective even in the presence of corrosive mine water and also resist severe water washing. This special grease is a semi-fluid calcium-based grease produced in two consistencies. They contain anti-corrosion, anti-wear, extreme-pressure and tacky additives.

Rockdrill Compound

Rockdrill Compound is a water-in-oil emulsion specially formulated with anti-wear, anti-rust and extreme pressure additives to protect internal rock drill components against wear, corrosion, high pressure and frictional loads and provide for cleaner, safer operating conditions.

Food Grade Grease P 352

This food grade grease is an aluminium complex thickened grease incorporating semi-synthetic base oil. This food grade grease has been authorized by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for use as USDA H2 lubricant in the food-processing industry. This food grade grease shows good adhesion as well as excellent resistance to cold and hot water.

Ultra Duty Grease Gp Extreme

Afriq Ultra Duty grease GP Extreme is an universal solid free extreme pressure grease used for long term lubrication with wide application range. At a given load level, the additives release compounds forming a resistant protective layer on friction surfaces.

C.V Joint Grease

C.V Joint Grease is a high-quality lithium-based multi purpose grease blended from solvent-refined oils and incorporates multifunctional extreme pressure additive, corrosion and oxidation-inhibitors and molybdenum disulphide. Additional extreme pressure properties are achieved by the use of molybdenum disulphide.

EP 2 L And EP 2 L Light

Afriq EP 2 L is high quality lithium-base grease blended from solvent-refined oils and incorporates corrosion and oxidation-inhibitors. These products are also multi purpose grease. These multi purpose grease have outstanding chemical stability under severe working conditions and operating temperatures of 10 ◦C to 130 ◦C.

EP 00

EP 00 is a mineral-oil based polymer-thickened, stable, semi-fluid gear grease. This multi purpose grease contains an anti-oxidant additive and also a sulphur-phosphorous type EP (extreme pressure) additive. This multi purpose grease has characteristics that eliminate the risk of as excellent shear stability, load-carrying ability and the coating characteristics that eliminate the risk of dry start-up.

Lithium EP 2L With Graphite

High quality Lithium-Base Greases blended from solvent-refined oils and incorporates corrosion and oxidation – Inhibitors. This is graphite grease.

EP 1 L And EP 3 L

These are High- Quality Multipurpose Lithium-base grease blended form solvent-refined oils and incorporate multifunctional extreme pressure additive as well as corrosion- and oxidation-inhibitors. They are multi purpose grease and high-pressure steam. EP 1L multi purpose grease is suitable for operating temperatures between -30 ◦C and 130 ◦C and EP 3L between -10 ◦C and 130 ◦ C.

EP 000 L And EP 0 L

Both these greases are lithium-soap thickened, lead free EP Grease. These multi purpose grease are formulated to meet the exacting of machinery working in humid, salt-laden atmospheres which are highly conductive to corrosion.

Lithium Complex EP 2 Plain And EP 2 Red

These products are general purpose grease. They are lead free lithium complex grease offering excellent high temperature performance properties and long life capabilities.

Marine Grease

Afriq Marine Grease is engineered to meet a wide variety of boat and boat towing equipment requirements. This water resistant grease is a NLGI #2 grade grease that meets NLGI’s highest standards for both wheel bearing and chassis lubrication (GC-LB).

Lithium Calcium EP 2

This is a water resistant grease of various applications in all types of operating conditions where extreme pressure grease is required. The wide operating temperature range (-25 to 120 ◦C) complements its versatility.

Calcium Complex No 2

This grease is a premium quality multi purpose grease and have exceptional heat and water resistant properties.

Calcium Sulphonate Complex NGLI 2 Grease

This is a high temperature grease. It contains EP additives and tackifier. This high temperature grease is specially developed for the highly aggressive conditions experienced in the marine and offshore environments.

HD Wheelbearing Grease

Afriq HD Wheel Bearing Grease is inorganic clay-based high temperature grease blended with high viscosity oils selected for its chemical stability and low volatility.

Copper Compound Grease

Afriq Copper Compound grease is a NLGI 1 consistency non-melt ant-seize compound with a Bentonite thickener.

HD Anti Seize Grease

HD Anti seize Grease is a premium quality lubricant specifically designed for reducing rotating friction between drill rods and casings. This anti seize grease has excellent adhesion and water resistance properties to ensure that it stays in place.

Pink Anti Seize Grease

Afriq Pink anti seize grease is a lubricating grease containing synthetic polymers and solid lubricants. This anti seize grease is virtually waterproof and its water washout and anti-seize characteristics are outstanding.

Rod Grease

Afriq Graphited Rod Grease is an anti seize grease made of selected mineral oil, lithium, high quality graphite powder and additives.

Open Gear Grease And Wire Rope Dressing

This open gear grease is primarily designed for use in very heavy applications. 

GWP Dressing

Afriq GWP Dressing is a vicious, black, solvent base and tackifier adhesive open gear and wire rope lubricant.

Lithium Complex Grease

Afriq Lithium Complex Grease is a multipurpose, lead free lithium complex grease offering excellent high temperature performance properties and long life capabilities.

Pin And Bush Grease

Afriq Pin and Bush is a heavy duty lithium based grease containing molybdenum disulphide and high grade graphite to enhance anti-wear characteristics.

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