Afriq Copper Thread Grease

Afriq Copper Thread Grease

Product Overview

Afriq Copper Thread Grease is a lead free anti-seize compound made from high quality mineral oils, non-soap thickener incorporating copper powder and solid lubricants.

Anti-seize properties enable the grease to work even when the joints are compressed so that most of the compound is squeezed out, or excessive temperature flashes off the oily part of the compound. A fine film of copper particles always remains in the joint or thread to prevent seizure.

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Product Application

Excellent anti-seize properties make Afriq Copper Thread Grease ideal for lubricating brake linkages.  It is also recommended as a thread lubricant, for use on studs, pipes and casings especially when disassembly must proceed smoothly.  Afriq Copper Thread Grease can be used on the threads of pipes carrying very hot or corrosive liquids or gasses where it assists in sealing and makes dismantling of pipes trouble free.

Benefits of using Afriq Copper Thread Grease

  1. Prevents seizure
  2. Our grease products offer proven long-term protection
  3. Prevents corrosion even in chemical environments and salt water
  4. Protects over an extreme temperature range
  5. Non – toxic
  6. Enables easy dismantling of components, allowing re-use of components after dismantling.


  • Appearance : Coppery colour paste
  • Carrier : High temperature paste
  • Consistency : NLGI 2
  • Temperature Range : -300C to 10000C
  • Water Resistance : Insoluble in water
  • Thickener : Non-soap


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