Open Gear & Wire Rope Dressing

Open Gear & Wire Rope Dressing

Product Overview

Afriq Open Gear and Wire Rope Dressing is primarily designed for use in very heavy applications, and operations under severe conditions, in mining equipment, shovels, drag lines and excavators in open cut operations.

Afriq Open Gear Lubricant for ball mills and kilns. Afriq Open Gear and Wire Rope Dressing is based upon an Aluminium Complex soap thickener dispersed in a high viscosity, very high quality mineral base oil containing enhanced extreme pressure – anti-wear chemistry

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Product Application

  1. Open gears on draglines, shovels, excavators, stackers and reclaimers
  2. Sticks
  3. Circle Rail and rollers
  4. Heavily loaded, slow moving anti-friction bearings
  5. Bushings
  6. Slow moving wire rope

Benefits and Features of Afriq Open Gear & Wire Rope Dressing

1. Excellent load carrying capacity under severe operation conditions

Grease contains selected components to ensure excellent resistance to shock and permanent heavy load.

2. Very high mechanical and thermal stability

Grease thickener structure is designed to resist mechanical stress and high temperature.

3. Withstanding severe operation conditions

Like dust and dirt contamination, water, changes in temperature.

5. Maintain adhesive characteristic over time

Thanks performing and advanced polymer technology ensuring durable protection. Afriq Open Gear and Wire Rope Dressing forms a dark coating on metal surfaces that is adhesive and highly water resistant.

6. Low Friction

Selected components ensure low friction characteristics, lower energy consumption and wear reduction.

7. Environmental compliance

Afriq Open Gear and Wire Rope Dressing is not formulated to contain chlorinated solvent or lead.

8. Operation Temperatures:

From 0°C up to +50°C

9. Approvals and Recommendations

Afriq Open Gear and Wire Rope Dressing is designed to meet following specifications:
Bucyrus SD 4713
P&H 464 Ver 09, 04-93

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