Calcium Sulphonate Complex NGLI 2 Grease

This is a high temperature grease. It contains EP additives and tackifier. This high temperature grease is specially developed for the highly aggressive conditions experienced in the marine and offshore environments.

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This NLGI 2 grease provides excellent protection against:

  • corrosion;
  • strong adhesion to prevent loss of coating or “fling off”;
  • high resistance to water wash off and
  • removal by mechanical forces.

This high temperature grease has a drop point in excess of 300 ◦C. This multi purpose grease has an optimum operating temperature from -20 ◦C to 160 ◦C for the lubricating of small to medium sized bearings at shaft speeds up to 3000 rpm and temperatures up to 140 ◦C.


This high temperature grease is applied to heavy duty bearing applications including large plain and anti-friction bearing and other mechanisms requiring a high temperature NLGI 2 grease such as slides, cams etc. It can also be applied as multi purpose grease and excels as Marine Deck grease. The good adhesive quality of this grease improves its stay-put properties compared to conventional greases. It has good pump ability and can be used in centralised lubrication systems.

Extended tests in:

  • steel;
  • paper and
  • sugar mills

have produced outstanding results and have led to usage in these industries worldwide with reduced re-lubrication intervals.


The benefits of this high temperature grease are:

  • Good thermal and mechanical stability.
  • Extreme pressure capability with high film strength.
  • Good adhesive properties.
  • Very good resistance to water contamination.
  • Outstanding Rust and Corrosion protection.
  • Long service life.
  • It is multi purpose grease.
  • Lower re-application rates.


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