HD Wheelbearing Grease

Afriq HD Wheel Bearing Grease is inorganic clay-based high temperature grease blended with high viscosity oils selected for its chemical stability and low volatility.

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This high temperature grease contain:

  • anti-oxidants;
  • anti-corrosion and
  • additives.

This high temperature grease has excellent physical and chemical stability and gives a long service period at continuous working temperatures of up to 180 ◦C.


This high temperature grease is designed to operate at temperatures higher than those of conventional soap based greases.

This high temperature grease is recommended for use in:

  • electric motor and fan bearings;
  • speed and anti-friction bearings;
  • underground mining equipment and
  • other high temperature applications such as plastic injection moulding machines.

This high temperature grease is specially designed for high temperature applications such as:

  • bearings on cement kiln driers;
  • brick kiln cars;
  • Ingot buggies in steel works;
  • slides;
  • guides and plain bearings.


  • Long service life at high temperatures.
  • Low leakage rates in service.
  • Good pumpabillity.
  • Resists water washout.
  • Reduce wear.


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