C.V Joint Grease

C.V Joint Grease is a high-quality lithium-based multi purpose grease blended from solvent-refined oils and incorporates multifunctional extreme pressure additive, corrosion and oxidation-inhibitors and molybdenum disulphide. Additional extreme pressure properties are achieved by the use of molybdenum disulphide.

EP 2 L And EP 2 L Light

Afriq EP 2 L is high quality lithium-base grease blended from solvent-refined oils and incorporates corrosion and oxidation-inhibitors. These products are also multi purpose grease. These multi purpose grease have outstanding chemical stability under severe working conditions and operating temperatures of 10 ◦C to 130 ◦C.

EP 00

EP 00 is a mineral-oil based polymer-thickened, stable, semi-fluid gear grease. This multi purpose grease contains an anti-oxidant additive and also a sulphur-phosphorous type EP (extreme pressure) additive. This multi purpose grease has characteristics that eliminate the risk of as excellent shear stability, load-carrying ability and the coating characteristics that eliminate the risk of dry start-up.

Lithium EP 2L With Graphite

High quality Lithium-Base Greases blended from solvent-refined oils and incorporates corrosion and oxidation – Inhibitors. This is graphite grease.

EP 1 L And EP 3 L

These are High- Quality Multipurpose Lithium-base grease blended form solvent-refined oils and incorporate multifunctional extreme pressure additive as well as corrosion- and oxidation-inhibitors. They are multi purpose grease and high-pressure steam. EP 1L multi purpose grease is suitable for operating temperatures between -30 ◦C and 130 ◦C and EP 3L between -10 ◦C and 130 ◦ C.

EP 000 L And EP 0 L

Both these greases are lithium-soap thickened, lead free EP Grease. These multi purpose grease are formulated to meet the exacting of machinery working in humid, salt-laden atmospheres which are highly conductive to corrosion.

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