EP 00

EP 00 is a mineral-oil based polymer-thickened, stable, semi-fluid gear grease. This multi purpose grease contains an anti-oxidant additive and also a sulphur-phosphorous type EP (extreme pressure) additive. This multi purpose grease has characteristics that eliminate the risk of as excellent shear stability, load-carrying ability and the coating characteristics that eliminate the risk of dry start-up.

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This multi purpose grease has been satisfactorily used by many industries. This grease is used as multi-purpose grease.

In South Africa in enclosed:

  • spur;
  • bevel;
  • helical and
  • worm gearboxes.

The operating temperature range is -10 ◦C to 100 ◦C.


  • Overcome leakage of lubricant.
  • Suitable for a wide range of gearbox applications, irrespective of the attitude in which the gearbox is mounted.
  • Eliminates dry start-up.
  • Allows extended maintenance periods.
  • Exhibits excellent shear stability, oxidation stability and load carrying ability.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Improves reliability.


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