EP 000 L And EP 0 L

Both these greases are lithium-soap thickened, lead free EP Grease. These multi purpose grease are formulated to meet the exacting of machinery working in humid, salt-laden atmospheres which are highly conductive to corrosion.

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This multi purpose grease is fully formulated to convey high quality performance over a wide temperature range.

This general purpose grease can be used in the plain and rolling bearings of a wide range of:

  • industrial;
  • automotive;
  • agricultural;
  • marine machinery and
  • equipment operating between -10 ◦C to 120 ◦C.

These multi purpose grease are particularly recommended for applications that require a high level of rust protection and a high resistance to water washout in addition to good EP performance. These multi purpose grease are pumpable in grease-dispensing systems. The flow properties of these greases ensure their stability for grease lubrication systems and remote lubrication points using small bore tubing.


These multi purpose grease are recommended for use places where conventional gear oils are leaking out of the gear cases on virtually all types of underground mining machinery.

Specific applications include:

  • head gearboxes;
  • cutter heads;
  • escalating arms;
  • pots or gathering head drives;
  • pump cases etc.

These general purpose grease can also be used in many other industrial applications where conventional oils cannot be retained in gear cases, chain cases etc. It demonstrates easy pumping through long lines of automatic greasing systems at temperatures down to - 10 ◦C and has no undesirable effects on conventional seal materials, brass or bronze bushing etc.


  • High level of rust protection.
  • High resistance to water wash out.
  • Wide range of applications (Product Rationalization).
  • Effective leakage control.
  • Superior leakage control under heavy or shock loading.
  • Long service life.
  • Good anti wear protection.


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