EP 1 L And EP 3 L

These are High- Quality Multipurpose Lithium-base grease blended form solvent-refined oils and incorporate multifunctional extreme pressure additive as well as corrosion- and oxidation-inhibitors. They are multi purpose grease and high-pressure steam. EP 1L multi purpose grease is suitable for operating temperatures between -30 ◦C and 130 ◦C and EP 3L between -10 ◦C and 130 ◦ C.

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These multi purpose grease are designed for use in highly loaded plain and roller bearings as well as for shock loading conditions in steel mills.

These multi purpose grease is suitable for use in the full range of bearing speeds encountered in:

  • electric motors;
  • machine and woodworking tools;
  • production equipment;
  • textile and paper-making industry;
  • generators and
  • all types of vehicles.


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