Lithium Complex Grease

Afriq Lithium Complex Grease is a multipurpose, lead free lithium complex grease offering excellent high temperature performance properties and long life capabilities.

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The product also offers good corrosion inhibition, low water washout characteristics and combined with excellent mechanical stability and load carrying capacity, this makes it the ideal multi purpose grease.

It consistently provides superior high temperature performance properties and is suitable for use over a wide operating range of – 15 ◦C to 160 ◦C. This lithium complex grease is suitable for all grease applications but is particularly recommended for grease lubricated bearings at low and high speeds as well as for electric motors and anti-friction bearings.


Lithium complex grease is designed for use under hostile operating conditions in all types of bearings especially electric motor bearings and similar services. This lithium complex grease is suitable for use where operating temperatures are continuously between -15 to 160 ◦C and for short term exposure up to 200 ◦C (eg. at 200 ◦C re-lubrication intervals should not exceed 7 days).


The benefits for lithium complex grease are:

  • Good resistance to water wash-out.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Long service life.
  • Good load carrying ability.
  • It is a multi purpose grease.


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