Red Rubber Grease

Red Rubber grease is a soft red special grease for very specific applications. It cannot be used in normal grease applications. The base oil is thickened Bentonite soap.

Red Rubber Grease assures excellent compatibility and is non-injurious with natural and SBR Rubber, while providing good mechanical stability and water resistance. A well-formulated additive package provides wear and rust protection, plus oxidation stability.

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  • Red Rubber Grease is designed especially for the application and lubrication of systems and components incorporating rubber components where mineral based grease cannot be used due to incompatibility with greases containing mineral oils.
  • Typical applications are such as the “Dry Zones” of vehicle hydraulic brake systems prone to corrosion, as      well as the component assembly of vehicle hydraulic brake systems, which require the performance of brake fluid compatible grease.
  • Red Rubber Grease can also be used in applications where the lubrication of natural or SBR Rubber components is required.
  • Red Rubber Grease is not compatible with mineral oils or other greases and must not be mixed or contaminated.



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