Anti-Leak Lube O

This special grease is primarily produced from a careful selection of hydrophobic and hydrophilic thickener material for use in winch and loader gearbox lubrication and has excellent thixotropic characteristics to ensure optimum lubrication at all shear rates.

High viscosity base oils plus anti-wear and extreme pressure additives ensure maximum protection under various conditions.

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This special grease was primarily designed for the lubrication of enclosed gearboxes especially where oil leakage is a problem. Its thixotropic properties provide high viscosity at rest (zero shear rates) ensuring minimum leakage. This makes it an ideal lubricant in applications where oil leakage and or ingress of contaminants are a problem.

This special grease has the ability to thin down at low shear rates, providing lubrication to moving parts and regain its consistency almost immediately when the shear is removed.

Having good pumpability, it is ideal for use on automotive centralised greasing systems such as those found on trunks. This product’s maximum operating temperature is + 120 ◦C.


  • True thixotropic characteristics.
  • Effective protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Excellent load-carrying ability.
  • Balanced mechanical stability for effective lubrication and sealing.
  • Long service life and good oxidation stability.
  • Reduced gear lubricant top-up rate.
  • Excellent pumpability.


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