• Afriq Lube manufactures top quality Automotive Oils for the public and trade.
  • Buying our industrial oils means less maintenance and longer lifespan for your industrial machinery
  • We offer high performance oild and lubricants to the agricultural sector including agriculural and tractor oils.
  • Our antifreeze is a premium performance, environmentally sensitive pre-diluted coolant.
  • Our revlutionary Zoom Zoom Boom Rust Remover removes rust completely.
  • Brake fluid dot 4 is a heavy duty synthetic brake fluid blended mainly from glycol ethers and poly-glycols.

Lithium Complex EP 2 Plain And EP 2 Red

These products are general purpose grease. They are lead free lithium complex grease offering excellent high temperature performance properties and long life capabilities.

Marine Grease

Afriq Marine Grease is engineered to meet a wide variety of boat and boat towing equipment requirements. This water resistant grease is a NLGI #2 grade grease that meets NLGI’s highest standards for both wheel bearing and chassis lubrication (GC-LB).

Lithium Calcium EP 2

This is a water resistant grease of various applications in all types of operating conditions where extreme pressure grease is required. The wide operating temperature range (-25 to 120 ◦C) complements its versatility.

Calcium Complex No 2

This grease is a premium quality multi purpose grease and have exceptional heat and water resistant properties.

Become a Distributer

We have an established network of distributers and resellers throughout South Africa. We provide them with area exclusivity and guidance to grow their business. This results in a valued distributor relationship benefiting both the client and Afriq Lube.

Contact us here if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

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