Heat Transfer Oil 22; 32 And 100

Afriq Lube's heat transfer oil is paraffinic mineral base oil used in enclosed circulating systems for the transfer of heat.

These heat transfer oil have good oxidation and thermal stability without the use of anti-oxidants. They are high viscosity index base oils with good chemical stability. Our heat transfer oil have a neutral oxidation resistance at high operating temperatures and low pour point which makes them suitable for outdoor and low temperature uses.

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  • Heat Transfer oil is recommended for use in all heat transfer operations where additives are not required.
  • Heat transfer oil 22 and 32 are recommended for use as multi purpose oil in equipment operating under lightly loaded or wasteful conditions. Examples of this is flushing oil for cleaning out circulating systems and oil reservoirs during oil change-over procedures typical application.
  • This includes conveyers; chairs and outdoor machinery.
  • These high viscosity index base oils are also used as a heat exchanging medium in closed systems operating at temperatures up to 300 ◦C.
  • Heat sources should apply heat gradually while oil is circulating to avoid local overheating; oil cracking and cooking of the heater elements.
  • They are suitable for quenching of large numbers of smaller steel parts in a given time.
  • They provide a slow to moderate quenching rate which results in sufficient hardness without the danger of cracking the material.


Heat transfer oil has the following features:

  • non additive mineral oil;
  • good oxidation and thermal stability;
  • heat transfer 22, 32 are especially suitable for quenching of large numbers of smaller steel parts in a given line;
  • low lubricant cost in wasteful conditions.


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