Fire Resistant Afrisafe HFC 7000

Afriq Lube's Fire Resistant hydraulic oil is an environmentally safe, water-glycol based, fire resistant hydraulic oil. It is recommended to be used for hydraulic systems involving risks of fire.

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This hydraulic oil is based on a polyglycol-water solution offering superior corrosion protective characteristics. This hydraulic fluid is a chemical stable, hydrocarbon free solution and does not cause any residual problems. The viscosity-temperature balance is superior to those of mineral oil containing fluids. Due to the superior specific heat and heat transfer characteristics, the optimal operating temperature is between + 30 ◦ c to +60 ◦ c. As a result, of the fact that the product contains water, we recommend a maximum operating tank temperature of 65 ◦ c. The hydraulic systems, in which our product is used, should be free of any local heat sources. Local significant temperature increases can cause developments of vapour resulting in cavitation wear.

This hydraulic fluid is fully compatible with most commercial available water glycol based fire resistant hydraulic oil. On special request, we can include additives that further reduce wear, especially on pumps and cylinders.

It hydraulic oil is not compatible with:

  • leather;
  • polyurethane based materials;
  • zinc;
  • cadmium;
  • lead;
  • magnesium;
  • polyurethane rubber and
  • common industrial paints.

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