Industrial Gear Oil 68; 100; 150; 220; 320; 460 And 680

Our industrial gear oil are superior performance gear lubricants. Premium base oils with an effective sulphur-phosphorous EP additive system minimize wear of enclosed gears and other equipment operating under heavy loads and shock conditions.

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Our industrial gear oil utilize high viscosity index (HVI) base oils to provide high flash points, low volatility and superior oxidation stability. Our industrial gear oil provide outstanding protection in industrial gear sets operating under severe conditions, such as:

  • intermittent shock loads,
  • high peak loads and
  • heavy tooth loads.

Our industrial gear oil utilize high viscosity index (HVI) base oils to provide high flash point.


Our industrial gear oil provide:

  • superior bearing protection,
  • excellent anti-foam protection,
  • excellent rust and corrosion protection,
  • outstanding demulsibility characteristics,
  • resistance to oxidative sludge and varnish and protection from galling, scuffing and welding of gear teeth.

Afriq EP industrial gear oil is ideal for heavy-loaded enclosed gear sets where extreme-pressure properties and adequate film strength are critical for:

  • industrial hypoid gear cases,
  • as well as plain, ball, roller and sleeve type bearings.

Our industrial gear oil may also be used for the lubrication of:

  • slides,
  • ways,
  • sprockets,
  • chain drives,
  • winches,
  • hoist and
  • machine tools.

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