Mould Release Oil

This is a Mould Release Emulsion that prevents concrete stitching to either the mould or shuttering from work. This mould release produce a smooth finish on concrete. This mould release is suitable for re-use and is excellent on moulds: for pre-cast fencing and similar intricate shapes.

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This mould release is:

  • very thin;
  • non-staining;
  • ready-to-use;
  • slightly oily;
  • concrete emulsion mould release.

It is custom made for each individual client. When you use mould release correctly it produce a high grade chemical shutter release for use on:

  • steel;
  • wood;
  • rubber and
  • fiberglass moulds or shutters.

This is a medium viscosity opaque white liquid. It has a neutral smell, and is not miscible with water.


Mould release should be used neat.

Application can be by:

  • brushing;
  • spraying or
  • swabbing.

You must aim at a concrete coverage with the thinnest possible film. New timber or moulds that have been wire brushed may require two or three applications before use. One application will be sufficient for subsequent use.



  • adheres tenaciously to mould and shutters;
  • ensures that the mould or shuttering does not stick to the concrete;
  • are easily applied at all ambient temperatures;
  • provide a smooth finish;
  • protect metal from moulds, rust and corrosion.


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