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Afriq Lube and Services are suppliers and manufacturers of quality oils & lubricants to both trade and public. Our high quality products include a large range of oils, grease, rust preventatives, cleaning detergents and antifreeze.

We have an established network of distributers and resellers throughout South Africa. We provide them with area exclusivity and guidance to grow their business. This results in a valued distributor relationship benefiting both the client and Afriq Lube.

We only make use of Group II Virgin Base Oils and approved additive packs that comply with stringent international standards. This means that we offer only the highest quality Lubricants and Oils to our clients. Our range of oils & lubricants include Automotive Oils such as Engine Oils, Gearbox Oils and Transmission fluids.

Thread Cutting Oil 4032 And Neat Cutting Oil Furara 4032

Our Neat- and Thread Cutting oil are high performance cutting oil manufactured from carefully selected neutral mineral oil and a high tech combination of synergistic EP additives and other selected additives. These cutting oil are not suitable for non-ferrous metals. The differences of Neat- and Thread Cutting oil are in viscosity only.

Chemsol GP And Soluble GP

Afriq Chemsol GP and Soluble GP are emulsifiable cutting oil containing effective germicides and bactericides to prevent bacteria growth in the emulsion and also to protect workers in contact with it from contracting dermatitis.

Africut 003 Synthetic

Afriq Lube's cutting oil Africut 003 Synthetic is a new generation, high-tech water-soluble oil.

Africut 800

This cutting oil is easy maintained water soluble oil. This cutting oil show good stability in water from most municipal water suppliers.

Honing Oil Vulcohone DD

Afriq Lube's honing oil contains a combination of synergistic working high-pressure additives.

Stou 20W40 And 15W40

These are agricultural stable multi-grade tractor oil, formulated from HVI base oils with a VI improver, plus a high performance detergent/dispersant additive. The load-carrying properties of these tractor oil have been enhanced to ensure protection of the mating gear teeth even under the most arduous conditions. An effective anti-squawk agent is incorporated that provide the necessary lubrication for oil-immersed brakes, as found in some transmission systems used on tractors.

UTTO 10W30

This multi grade tractor oil is premium quality, anti-wear hydraulic fluid and have been specifically designed for use in mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems.

Agri 10W30

This tractor oil has been specifically designed for use in mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems and are premium quality multi grade tractor oils. This tractor oil is also anti-wear hydraulic fluid.

Circulating Oil 32; 100; 150 And 220

Afriq Lube's circulating oil is a premium quality, solvent refined, high viscosity index mineral oil. Circulating oil is specially chosen for its ability to provide superior lubrication in a wide range of industrial applications.

Classic Cutterbar RG; Cutterbar 150 And Cutterbar Virgin

Chainsaw oil is a specially formulated mineral oil recommended for the lubrication of cutting chains, cutter bars and drive gears on hand-held chain saws.

Compressor Oil 32; 46; 68 And 100

Afriq compressor oil is a range of premium quality highly refined virgin paraffinic base oil. Our compressor oil contain a balanced additive system consisting of anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives. These additives give our circulating oil an outstanding level of performance.

Hydraulic 32; 46; 68; 100; 150 And 220

Hydraulic Oils - 32,46,68,100,150 & 220

These products are high quality anti-wear hydraulic oils. Our hydraulic oil is formulated for use in high pressure stationery and mobile hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic UHVI 46 And 68

Hydraulic UHVI 46 And 68

These hydraulic oil are premium high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil. Our UHVI hydraulic oil is blended from virgin paraffin base oils. It contains anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives to give excellent performance and wear protection. In addition our hydraulic oil contain a viscosity index improver to lessen the impact of high operating temperatures.

Hydraulic Ashless 32; 46 And 68

These are superior quality, ash-less, high viscosity index and anti-wear hydraulic oil. These hydraulic oil are developed to meet the requirements of modern hydraulic systems.

Fire Resistant Afrisafe HFC 7000

Afriq Lube's Fire Resistant hydraulic oil is an environmentally safe, water-glycol based, fire resistant hydraulic oil. It is recommended to be used for hydraulic systems involving risks of fire.

Hydraulic Fluid SHP 68

This hydraulic fluid is a high quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid. This hydraulic fluid is formulated for use in high pressure stationery and mobile hydraulic systems.

Heat Transfer Oil 22; 32 And 100

Afriq Lube's heat transfer oil is paraffinic mineral base oil used in enclosed circulating systems for the transfer of heat.

Industrial Gear Oil 68; 100; 150; 220; 320; 460 And 680

Our industrial gear oil are superior performance gear lubricants. Premium base oils with an effective sulphur-phosphorous EP additive system minimize wear of enclosed gears and other equipment operating under heavy loads and shock conditions.

Mould Release Oil

This is a Mould Release Emulsion that prevents concrete stitching to either the mould or shuttering from work. This mould release produce a smooth finish on concrete. This mould release is suitable for re-use and is excellent on moulds: for pre-cast fencing and similar intricate shapes.

Shackle Fluid

Afriq Shackle Fluid is a special product, non-injurious rubber.

Two Stroke Oil

Two Stroke Oil

Two Stroke oil is high quality two stroke engine oil meeting the API-TC specification.

Outboard Synthetic Two Stroke Oil

Afriq Lube's outboard synthetic two stroke oil is recommended for use in all makes and models of water-cooled, 2-cycle engines requiring a pre-mix of oil and gasoline. This synthetic two stroke oil is a biodegradable high flash and ashless 2-cycle engine oil. This synthetic two stroke oil is formulated to meet or exceed the warranty requirements of all modern 2-cycle outboard and snow mobile engine manufacturers.

Outboard Oil

Afriq outboard oil is a premium performance two stroke and marine outboard motor oil formulated with special additives. Afriq outboard oil is pre-diluted with a high flash point solvent to facilitate mixing with petrol at all temperatures. Our outboard oil is designed for engines requiring NMMA TC W3 lubricants.

Needle Oil

Afriq Lube's needle oil is a premium low viscosity textile oil. Afriq Lube's needle oil is manufactured from high quality, virgin base oil and developed to meet the lubrication requirements of most modern textile machinery.

Outboard Synthetic Four Stroke Oil

This engine oil is a premium quality synthetic formulation engineered for the harsh operating conditions of marine environments. This engine oil withstand the intense mechanical action of continuous, high RPM operation to deliver superior viscosity protection. It is specially fortified with a heavy treatment of advanced additives that protects motors against wear, rusts and deposits. It excels in both high horsepower applications and all-day trolling conditions.

Quenching Oil 32

Afriq Lube’s quenching oil is a standard speed multi purpose oil which is based on mineral oil of low viscosity.

Rock Drill Oil 100; 150; 220 And 320

Afriq Lube's rock drill oil is mineral oil blended from a carefully selected virgin base oil in combination with selected anti-wear, anti-rust,anti-oxidant and tackiness additives.

Slideway Oil 32 And 68

Afriq Lube’s slideway oil is based on highly refined, high viscosity index, mineral oil. Afriq Lube’s slideway oil contain tackiness and other special additives to meet the lubrication demands of present day machine tools.

Steam Cylinder Oil 150; 220; 460 And 680

Afriqlube's steam cylinder oil are quality refined high viscosity mineral oil with a small percentage of fatty oil. 

Steam Cylinder Oil 1000

Afriqlube's steam cylinder oil 1000 is compounded high quality steam cylinder oil possessing excellent lubricating properties and have effective resistance to thermal degradation. Afriq Lube's steam cylinder oil has the ability to resist the washing effect of water and maintain good lubrication and sealing films in steam cylinders. The compounding also enhances the load carrying capabilities of the oil.

Transformer RG

Transformer oil or insulating oil is usually highly-refined mineral oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. The functions of these transformer oil are to insulate, supress corona and arcing as well as to serve as a coolant.

Turbine Oils 32; 46; 68 And 100

Turbine oil is premium quality circulating oil made form highly refined paraffin base stocks and the finest additives available.

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We have an established network of distributers and resellers throughout South Africa. We provide them with area exclusivity and guidance to grow their business. This results in a valued distributor relationship benefiting both the client and Afriq Lube.

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