Stou 20W40 And 15W40

These are agricultural stable multi-grade tractor oil, formulated from HVI base oils with a VI improver, plus a high performance detergent/dispersant additive. The load-carrying properties of these tractor oil have been enhanced to ensure protection of the mating gear teeth even under the most arduous conditions. An effective anti-squawk agent is incorporated that provide the necessary lubrication for oil-immersed brakes, as found in some transmission systems used on tractors.

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STOU 20W40 and 15W40 tractor oil is designed for use in both naturally aspirated and turbo-charged engines. These tractor oil are also used for most transmissions and hydraulic systems found on modern agricultural implements on the farm.


  • These are multi-purpose tractor oil for the farm.
  • These tractor oil provide superior lubrication.
  • They provide protection against low temperature sludge and ring sticking.
  • Gives protection against rusting, foaming and corrosive wear.
  • These tractor oil have effective anti-squawk properties.


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