Gear Oil for Limited Slip Differentials

EP 90; EP 85W140 Limited Slip GL5

Our GL 5 limited Slip gear oil are manufactured with high quality base oils and specifically selected additives. Our gear oil are recommended for use in limited slip differentials. Our gear oil include friction modifiers to reduce chatter in limited slip differentials thus providing a smooth, noise free operation. It offers extended life to these units.

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Limited gear oil find application in:

  • limited slip hypoid differentials;
  • rear wheel drive cars;
  •  light duty trucks and
  • heavy-duty vehicles under all operating conditions.

These gear oil may also be used in:

  • conventional rear wheel drive differentials;
  • construction machines and
  • busses.


These EP gear oil have excellent lubricity characteristics giving quiet, shudder free operation.

Carefully selected EP additives provide longer gear life through controlled gear wear. Our GL5 limited slip gear oil has corrosion and rust inhibition and good thermal stability.


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