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10W30 SJ CH; 10W40 SM CF And 10W40 XHD CI4 SF

These synthetic oil are the ultimate, fully synthetic diesel engine oil exceeding the most demanding European specifications and meeting the increasing market demand for “fuel-efficient” oils.

EP 75W90 GL5 Gear Oil

This synthetic oil contain extreme pressure additives, which reduce wear in synchromesh transmissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles operating under moderate service conditions.

5W30 SM CF; 5W40 SM CF And Afristar 5000 15W50

These synthetic oil are semi-synthetic engine oil providing superior performance. These synthetic oil hold excellent viscosity retention and superior engine protection under all modern driving conditions.

Compressor Synthetic 46

This is a premium quality synthetic oil specifically designed for rotary screw compressors running at very high or very low temperatures. 

Z Max Synthetic

This synthetic oil is a DEXTRON lll type ATF intended to satisfy all DEXTRON lll, ll E and D requirements.

ATF Synthetic DXIII

This synthetic oil is a superior quality automatic transmission oil fully synthetic DEXRON lll.

Synthetic 75W90

This synthetic oil has outstanding thermal and oxidative stability reduces deposit formation under severe operating conditions. This keeps gears and bearings cleaner, preventing oil film disruption which can result in increased wear rates.

Compressor Semi Synthetic 32

This is a premium quality synthetic oil specifically designed to extend fluid service life in rotary screw air compressor applications.

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