Quenching Oil 32

Afriq Lube’s quenching oil is a standard speed multi purpose oil which is based on mineral oil of low viscosity.

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In case where standard speed, general purpose quenching oil is required, it is recommended that a consistent temperature be maintained to ensure uniform quenching characteristics.  


  • The low viscosity mineral oil ensure good quenching characteristics for thorough hardness.
  • This mineral oil is economical to use due to low drag-out.
  • Quench consistency is maintained by ease of circulation and therefore risk of fire is also reduced.


Here is some general information about this mineral oil:

Minimize Volatility:

  • High flash point reduces fire risk and ensures improved working conditions by reducing losses due to      evaporation and fuming.
  • Good oxidation stability reduces acid build-up which decreases the possibility of staining.
  • These mineral oils increase the useful life of oil by reducing sludge build-up and thickening of oil.


  • Avoid water entry.
  • Allow for thermal expansion when filling quench tank with fresh cold oil.

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