Slideway Oil 32 And 68

Afriq Lube’s slideway oil is based on highly refined, high viscosity index, mineral oil. Afriq Lube’s slideway oil contain tackiness and other special additives to meet the lubrication demands of present day machine tools.

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Our slideway oil can be applied to:

  • all machine tool parts, including bearings and gearboxes, lubricated by circulation systems;
  • machine tool hydraulic systems (ISO 32 & 68 grades) and
  • machine tool slide ways.


The benefits for our slideway oil is:

Excellent low friction

  • Particularly on plastic coated slide ways. Reduced chatter and vibration caused by the phenomenon of stick-slip.

Oxidation stability

  • Withstands high operating temperatures and prolongs oil life.

High Viscosity Index

  • Low Viscosity at machine tool start-up temperatures and adequate viscosity at high working temperatures.

Minimum oil leakage through seals

Improved emulsion separation performance

  • Resist wash-off by coolants.

Anti-corrosion performance

  • Provides protection on all machine tool metal surfaces.

Stain – free machining

  • Components being machined stay stain – free.

Excellent anti-wear characteristics

  • Minimum machine tool downtime reduced servicing costs.


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