Outboard Oil

Afriq outboard oil is a premium performance two stroke and marine outboard motor oil formulated with special additives. Afriq outboard oil is pre-diluted with a high flash point solvent to facilitate mixing with petrol at all temperatures. Our outboard oil is designed for engines requiring NMMA TC W3 lubricants.

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Our outboard oil can be applied to:

  • all water cooled;
  • two stroke;
  • marine outboard engines;
  • oil injected engines and
  • air cooled two stroke engines,

 where API TD or NMMA oil are specified.


Afriq outboard oil is specially blended with virgin refined mineral oil and ashless additive to maintain a high power output. This outboard oil provides piston cleanliness and protection against ring sticking and power loss by maintaining combustion efficiency. The special ashless additive enhances lubricity as well as coating surfaces with a tough lubricant to protect against wear under peak performance conditions. Afriq outboard oil reduces spark plug fouling and ensures that ash induces deposits are not formed in the combustion chamber.


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