Outboard Synthetic Two Stroke Oil

Afriq Lube's outboard synthetic two stroke oil is recommended for use in all makes and models of water-cooled, 2-cycle engines requiring a pre-mix of oil and gasoline. This synthetic two stroke oil is a biodegradable high flash and ashless 2-cycle engine oil. This synthetic two stroke oil is formulated to meet or exceed the warranty requirements of all modern 2-cycle outboard and snow mobile engine manufacturers.

This synthetic two stroke oil provides excellent:

  • lubricity;
  • dispersancy;
  • wear and
  • rust protection.

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This synthetic two stroke oil mix easily with gasoline and are dyed blue to allow for easy detection in premixed fuel. Follow engine manufacturer’s recommended fuel or oil for premix systems. This synthetic two stroke oil is also recommended for oil injection systems.

It exceeds the requirements of the NMMA TC-W3 standard.

This synthetic two stroke oil is recommended for and meets the warranty requirements of outboard engines produced by the following manufacturers:

  • Evinrude
  • Johnson
  • Mercury
  • Mariner
  • U.S Marine / Force
  • Sears
  • Suzuki


  • Helps protect engines against failures due to:

    • scuffing;
    • piston ring sticking;
    • port deposits;
    • bearing failures and
    • spark plug fouling.
    • Exceeds NFPA Code 30 flash point limits. Flash point exceeds 200 F and requires no special warehousing.
  • Biodegradable to help protect the environment.
  • Mixes easily with fuel for premix application.
  • Excellent flow properties for oil injection systems.


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