Steam Cylinder Oil 1000

Afriqlube's steam cylinder oil 1000 is compounded high quality steam cylinder oil possessing excellent lubricating properties and have effective resistance to thermal degradation. Afriq Lube's steam cylinder oil has the ability to resist the washing effect of water and maintain good lubrication and sealing films in steam cylinders. The compounding also enhances the load carrying capabilities of the oil.

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  • This steam cylinder oil is recommended for superheated steam engine applications above 260 ◦ C and are suitable for worm gearboxes operating at slow rubbing speeds up to 1,2 m/s.
  • These steam cylinder oil is used where heavy loads, slow speeds or high temperatures justify high viscosity oil in bearings and enclosed gears.
  • In worm gearboxes, in particular, its lubricity provides excellent protection against wear. 
  • This steam cylinder oil can be applied by oil dose cups and force feed mechanical devices.


  • Excellent lubricity.
  • Good oxidation stability.
  • Resistance to deposit formation.



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