Steam Cylinder Oil 150; 220; 460 And 680

Afriqlube's steam cylinder oil are quality refined high viscosity mineral oil with a small percentage of fatty oil. 

Our steam cylinder oil are used primarily for:

  • the lubrication of steam cylinders working under high temperature and
  • high pressure conditions where low carbon formation and ‘steam washing’ are important considerations.

They atomise more easily and with steam of moderate superheat, produce more tenacious lubricating films than ‘straight’ grades of the same viscosity.

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Application and Functions

  • The functions of steam cylinder oil are to form an oil film that will adequately lubricate the rubbing surfaces at high operating temperatures
  • It will also prevent leakage past valves, pistons and glands.
  • Efficient atomisation, easy spreading over the working surfaces and the ability to resist scouring action of the steam (the washing effect of water) are other important properties.
  • Steam cylinder oil is classified according to steam temperature and engine power. The higher the steam temperature and the more powerful the engine, the greater the required heat stability will be which is generally related to viscosity.
  • Our steam cylinder oil may be used in worm gears prone to suffer extensive wear and to reduce the bulk oil temperature, typical stop-start conditions.


The benefits for steam cylinder oil is:

  • Good thermal resistance and oxidation stability.
  • Tenacious lubrication and corrosion protection even when subjected to heavy steam washing conditions.
  • Good load carrying capabilities.
  • Reduce wear under boundary conditions.



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