Turbine Oils 32; 46; 68 And 100

Turbine oil is premium quality circulating oil made form highly refined paraffin base stocks and the finest additives available.

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Our turbine oil is specifically formulated to provide excellent:

  • chemical stability;
  • filterability;
  • rust protection and
  • cleanliness.

These premium quality circulating oil are highly recommended for use in gas turbines and other applications requiring supreme quality turbine oil.

Gas turbine oil is often exposed to high temperatures that can cause sludge and varnish formation. These turbine oil are fortified with highly effective oxidation inhibitors to prevent deposit build-up.

These oils exhibit outstanding performance in the two ASTM tests utilized to measure oxidation resistance. As a result these oils provide a long trouble-free service life in severe service applications such as gas turbines.

Turbine oils are fully qualified for use in turbines made by all the major U.S.  manufacturers including General Electric Frame & units.


  • Turbine Lubrication.
  • Precision Ring-Oiled bearings.
  • High-Speed gears requiring an oil of turbine quality.
  • Enclosed crank-case steam engines.
  • Crankcase lubrication of reciprocation or Rotary Type Air Compressors.


The benefits for these turbine oils are:

  • prevents sludge and varnish deposits;
  • provides long service life;
  • rapidly separates from water;
  • resists foaming;
  • is chemically stable and
  • lowers maintenances costs.


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